Tell Me Why, I Do Like Mondays…(It’s Heather!)

That title is a slight variation on an original for all you Boomtown Rats fans out there…hello…are you there? Moving on, I’ll tell you why I do like Mondays, and it comes down to this: it’s because we get to work with flippin’ sweet peeps like the one and only Heather!

Heather, you see, was so awesome that all we had to do was meet her here, and she not only was the one being photographed, she actually was the one taking the pictures too. That’s how good she was. James & myself just sat in the corner and wondered how it was that somebody could be so effin awesome to work with! Not only was she awesome, but her trusty sidekick (the one and only/soon to be featured on ‘the blog’) Hailey was awesome too! There was double awesome goin’ down! Did you hear that?? DOUBLE AWESOME GOIN’ DOWN!!! AND THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! MAKE THAT FOUR! WHY AM I SHOUTING?

OK, so I’ve stopped my freakout, but I’m not gonna stop with just some words, I’m also gonna give you some snappitysnapsnaps, just as soon as I say ‘Much Love’ to Heather (and the lovely Hailey) for being such a treat, and now that that’s out of the way – Enjoy!

And, as a special bonus treat…

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  1. Heather you are so superduper gorgeous!!! I love your pictures… You definately worked the camera! You sexay thing keep doing what your doing…I love ya chica! 😛
    *Hailey Jean:P

  2. love them hon, you did great as usual
    you and my 2nd daughter Hailey are wonderful and sweet and always loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have a great senior year baby and enjoy

  3. Hey Heather,

    You make a GREAT model! The photographer does a fantastic job taking your pictures. You should consider modeling your career. Smile.

    Love ya.

    Uncle JJ

  4. my very beautiful daughter!!!!
    I am looking forward to all the pictures
    biggest warmest hugs sweetie

    love ya

  5. Heather!!! haha i love all your pics the one with the hood the one of u and hailey and the one in the purple shirt ok i love all of them haha u look cute as hell happy birthday by the way and have a good rest of the summer ttyl loves byes,Crista


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