Can You Handle This Hotness?

Didn’t think so.

Oh, and if you happen to recognize these sunglasses that are on my hot face, stop on down and claim them. If not, thank you for the sunglasses, beezos.

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. oh jeez, matt…that’s just so hot, my gosh, i just…
    for once in my loud-mouthed life…i’m speechless. you should try to get jamie to post some pimpin’ pics like that.

  2. Holla Doggie those be my blingin’ shades!!!!!!! Those maybe robs shades and he may have left his pants there but i left my dignity in the studio!!!!???

  3. Yo yo Those are mine! I sawear haha. I will come and get them when I have my appt.
    Your Favoritest Assistant Ever!!!!!!!
    *Hailey Jean 😛

  4. holy…even i cannot handle the hottness radiating from this picture. madness. i saw you put up a lot of new pics on the clients section so i think that means i get to see mine soon! exciting! peace out yo

  5. Someone claimed the glasses…but what about the hottie in the picture…I would like to claim some of that…

  6. I never left my sunglasses there, but I might have left a $20 gift card for wal-mart there a while back.

  7. holy hotness!

    like aqua meets barbie girl meets drag queen, topped with healthy dose of otis & a spinkle of sexiness. ye-ow.


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