Brittany, Why Are You So Awesome?

Last Thursday the doors of the FunCenter opened up for the one and only Brittany, and the cause was some supersweetseniorsnaps!

In case you are wondering, Brittany does indeed resemble another member of the O&J Super Senior Team, but I’m gonna leave it up to your own devices to figure out which one it is (I’ll give you a hint…remember what the title of this post is…let it be your guide…if you still can’t figure it out, look at the bottom photograph in the post…if you still can’t figure it out, you may have a head injury and you should seek medical attention)! We knew that just by genetics, Brittany was going to be wonderful to work with, but she was more than just some matter in the form of a human, she was a total and complete rocker!

We couldn’t have asked for any more, that is until the dynamic duo joined up for a shot, and at that point we indeed almost destroyed our cameras, because there would be no point of taking any more photo-graphs once this perfection had been achieved! We would like to extend a muchos gracias to the lovely assistants (Ma & Sis) for helping out, and to Brittany – you were superawesome! And to all you all out there in blogville – Enjoy!

…and as a special bonus treat!

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  1. These pictures turned out great. Thanks Ashley and Brittany for letting me do your hair and makeup!! I had so much fun! I love the picture of both of you together! How fun. And Otis and James, you never cease to amaze me with your pictures. I feel like a obsessive freak because I look at the blog so much, but I am in awe every time I see new pics!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the photos! The shoot was fun and the results are AWESOME!!!! The photo with twin A and twin B together is twice as nice! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Otis & James – you ROCK!!!!!

    Oh, one more thing — thank you so much for your patience and help with our “entourage”!

    Hope – thank YOU for the wonderful hair and makeup! You did a super job!

  3. Yo, O & J, whazz up?

    The photos are PURR-fect, except they’re missing one small thing – ME!(ow).

    Next time we play hide and seek, you can hide (let’s see if you can find a better hiding spot than me!).

  4. TWIN!!! you rock my sox off! lol … you are awesome at life twinny. haha mariah would be quite proud of our little BL. i know i am! the one of me and you looks best *wink wink* lol. you look goooorgeous!
    Twin A

  5. Did i ever tell you how gorgeous your are.. hahah.. i love the pictures i so get one.. that goes for ashley too… Otis and James you do such a nice job.. props to you guys…

  6. Wow! Am I related to those super-models? I am so proud of you both (Twin A and Twin B) Your pictures a fabulous! The tough part will be picking which ones to order!

  7. Brittany~

    Wow – your pictures are fabulous! Enjoy your senior year! The best is yet to come!

    I love the picture of Twin A and Twin B! I’ll never forget how tiny you two were when I first met you at the hospital!!!

    We are so proud of you!

    Jestina, Steve, Madison, Grace, and Kaysie

  8. You are by far the most beautiful person in the whole wide world (and i mean the whole wide world) and these pictures prove it. Horray for Brittany. I love u a whole lot. You take wonderful pictures because you always have a perfect smile.

    Love Roger

    These pictures are AMAZING. I love them sooo much.
    I’m really gonna miss you, yah know that right?


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