Lance & Darla!

Shucks, man…I know you’ve been waitin’ for this, but I just hadda build up the suspense as much as I possibly could, yo.

What I’m saying to you, is that the wait if ovah! But one more thing before we go to that special place where as a child I’d hide…whoa…G’N’R flashback…but before we get to the totally awesome snaps of this wonderful couple that we had the great pleasure of ending our day with this past Thursday (and it was even the L-Man’s B-Day!), I’d just like to take a minute and thank this gorgeous couple for making time for O&J.

We know the journey was far, and we can’t tell you how much that means to us! A’ight (I think I’m really starting to speak street!) then, let us dispatch with all of these words, and divert our attention to the space below, where the gorgeousosity of this couple is gonna rock your socks off – Enjoy!

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