It’s Lindsay, Y’all…Can You Dig?

I don’t know what it is, but I really seem to be using the expression ‘dig’ more frequently than I ever have before. Perhaps I am morphing into some 1970’s man, with a perm…and a mustache…and polyester…sweet sweet polyester. Or maybe this is the person that I’ve always been, and I’m finally unlocking my true self. Whatevs.

We need to do a little talking about this lady, this lovely person, this one that we call ‘Lindsay.’ We need to do a little talking about how awesome she was to work with. We need to go over how she had such great ideas, and we also need to do some discussing about how she was a total pro to work with. After we’ve taken a half an our lunch, our discussion of ‘Lindsay’ will continue with a short presentation on how we would like to thank older brough-ham Shawn* for assisting with the shoot, and to North Hill Bowl for their help, and finally, we will conclude with a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Thank You’ to Lindsay for being so great, and for making the time just fly on by!

Alright. E.mail me back if you can do the meeting, and what kind of sandwich you would like for lunch – Enjoy!

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*Thanks to Shawn for the Correction – Peace Yo.

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. I have no idea what to say…but OMG! I am absolutely in love with them. I had a rockin’ time with the O & J super team. I was a little bit bummed because I was hoping there would be a pic of me and Marky-Mark….(but you know what…..I STILL 100% LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PICS ON HERE)You are amazing Matt and Jamie….Thank you SOO much for starting off my senior year with a FLASH (lol no pun intended…i know it was cheezy!)

  2. Lindsay,

    Good lord! I remeber you as infant, a toddler, a preschooler… but this is not how I remember you. You grew up! Anyway, you look great!


    –James (ok sometimes Jamie but only for people from Minot)


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