Our Monday came to a wonderful conclusion with a visit from the simply wonderful Katelynn (and her equally wonderful assistant, Erica!) And just why did Katelynn decide to stop down to the FunCenter on this lovely day? Well, it was not just to say hi, it was instead to get some superawesometacularSeniorSnaps (eventually I’m just going to take the spaces out of the entire post and just create one long word that would describe what is occuring)!

I’ll tell you what, we had a great time working with Katelynn (& assistant…the world’s best assistant) and I will go as far to say that we were able to get some totally awesome snaps! My favorite part was when I had no problem sending both Jamie & Erica up some crazy fire escape, but yet personally refused to do so myself. I’m a regular knight in freakin’ armor! A real Gent – that’s me!

Okaydokey then (this is another expression that people with thick North Dakotan accents should not use), let us now take just a little bit of time before we lose our minds on just how gorgeous her pics look, and say thank you to Katelynn for coming down and brightening up our lives! Muchos Gracias (that is some foreign language for ‘Thanks, Then’), and it’s on to the pics – Enjoy!

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  1. Kate, the pictures are awesome, and you are beautiful…I Love you Bunches!!!!! Otis and James thank you. You did an awesome job.

  2. Katelynn. You Are So Beautiful, I Love These Pictures. They did a VERY good job. Im very happy with these photos. I Love You my “Big Sister” haha.

  3. Gorgeous darling! Just fantastic! You really do know how to “make love to that camera” now dont you!! haha good job jayme -n- matt they’re great!! Bye!!

  4. Katelynn.. Your pictures are so Beautiful!! I love the white dress… I miss you.. Love you bunches!

  5. Hey hun, I havent talked to you forever, but i love those pictures. I so want one, or all of them. But whatever, i look forward to having another school year with you, see you soon..



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