Ahh Shucks, Man…It’s Nikki!

And then on Tuesday (this train just keeps on a rollin’ through, one post begat the next, y’all) none other than Nikki herself joined up with us for some totally awesome-like Senior Snaps! You know what, they weren’t awesome-like, they was straight dope (now, for all of you out there over the age of 30, my writing has changed to ‘hip’. For example, where you would see ‘straight dope’, to make this sentence understandable you could substitue the word ‘groovy’, if you are a child of the seventies, or ‘totally tubular’, for the eighties, and ‘rad’, for all of you nineties kidz out there. It’s just that simple!), no doubt about it!

The ladies of O&J (calendar to come soon) totally rocked the shoot up hard core style, and from all reports fun & jocularity & awesome snaps were, ideed, had by all! I had to wait patiently back at the FunCenter to see what had transpired during the shoot, and when the goods were laid out, I too saw that the camera was, indeed, set to ‘Rock it Up’. But it was not the camera that did all of this awesome work, it was Nikki that made our time with her so totally and completely wonderful!

We’d like to send a little love her way for being so great to work with, and to all of you – the faithful of blog – out there reading this, as usual we send much love, and – Enjoy!

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  1. nikkibaby your pictures are marvelous… i LOVE the second to last one.. and the one youre laying down in.. actually i like them all.. especially the smiley ones..

  2. nikki…nice…remember we were talking about your shoot in Haberlacks room in like….april…that was tons of fun…joke….;)


  3. wow lover.. its like wow.. there soo freak’n great.. i hope next year mine look even 1/2 has good as urs.. wow im soo jealouse.. ur such an hottie girl!!

  4. NIKKI!!! wow i need to go get a glass of water im getting a little warm lookin at your pics cuz there HOT!! my lil nikki is all grown up – im so proud!

  5. Nikki ur b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!! I miss you 🙁 🙁 I guess I’ll have to come and lay on the black leather couches sometime.

    luv always,


  6. Oh my god!
    Nikki..these are soooo [pretty]
    Lol i dont see any “big balls”in your pics..why not?

  7. “Great pics Nikki, you are a beautiful young woman,you grew up right before our eyes and I love you so much. See you soon.

  8. “Great pic’s Nikki” You grew up right before our eyes and you are a beautiful young woman. I love you very much


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