Our week of working with nothing but the finest that this town, or any town, for that matter, has to offer continued with a visit from the one and only Christina! And to what did we owe this great pleasure too, you ask??!! Well, she came down to get some awesomelysuperseniorsnaps, and I’m here to reassure you that do just this she did!

What does this mean to you, the average blogger? It means that you are about to look at some truly wonderful snaps of Christina! I mean, there could have been some OK senior snaps, but Christina would have none of that. You see, she was not going to settle for anyting less that perfection, and if you take a sneak peak just a little bit below this gabfest that I’m in the middle of typing, you will see what I mean.

So, instead of continuing to bore you with all sorts of mundane things, I will just now take a second to thank Christina for being so wonderful to work with – you rocked! And to all of you sitting patiently in blogland – Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Stud! All I can say is that IT would be proud!! you are such a hottie! that last one, my goodness! Watch out! it’s Tina Lynch!!! haha. I really like the first one.. very cool, but then again.. they are all amazing, because you Christina Lynch are amazing! See you at Luige’s!

  2. Hey Tina! The pictures are awesome – I love them all and you are so beautiful! I am a very proud Grandma!

  3. Wow… very nice pictures Tina. You look so sweet in all of them. I really like the second one. Love your curls.
    Take care & enjoy your Senior year!!

  4. Tina!!! I LOVE the one with the Goo Goo Dolls!! I think i might need a copy of that one because they are so awesome!!! And so are youre pics of course! haha, i love them all!


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