Nicole A…as in Awesome!

I bet you thought that things couldn’t get any better with our Seniors. It’s like, your on the beach in Jamaica, the sun is shining, you have not a worry in the world, and then, you win the lottery. That’s what it’s like around here. Except we don’t have a beach…well…we have Nelson Carlson, but that isn’t quite the same as Jamaica. And this was again proven to be true as the doors to the FunCenter opened up this past week and we welcomed the absolutely wonderful and talented Nicole to our warm & friendly confines!

She proved herself to be an absolutely wonderful person to work wth, as the Ladies of James have reported back to me during our post-session debriefing that their time together was filled to the brim with sweetsweetseniorsweetness, and she made their time together, quite simply…magical!

Now, I don’t know if she actually performed any magic, and it would be cool if she had brough a top hat and pulled a bunny from it, but that’s cool if she didn’t. Because by giving us these superawesomesamplesnaps (what is going on with me and these words, they asked), she has already done more than enough.

So, I will now say ‘thank you’ to Nicole A…as in Awesome for being, as your name states, awesome, and to all you all out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. Your pictures look Great!! I really like the last one and the one in your prom dress! Very cute!


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