Rocking…Brett Style.

If there was a song that would have been specially written for our conclusion shoot for the one and only Brett, the song would be called, simple…Rocking.

Because this is the only thing that Brett knew how to do…Rock. And the act of Rock is called, ironically, Rocking. I’m not even sure if ironic is the best word to use, and i know we’ve been down this road discussing what really is ironic, and how so many people think they know what irony is, but they’re really sadly wrong. But we’ll get ’em. Alright, let’s get back to Brett.

Our Sunday past couldn’t have come to any better of an end, and it’s all because of Brett and all the hard work he did during the shoot – we’re only as good as our subject, and today we were awesome. I’ll let you do the math on that. Much Love to one and all!


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  1. Brett, your’re pictures are beyond awesome! They are fantabulous (that is now officially a word because of YOUR pictures). They look great!


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