Ladies & Gentlemen…it’s Adam!

Our Monday past kept on keepin’ on the vibe of all things good with a visit from new friend to Otis & James, the man himself…Adam! We had the good golly great pleasure of working with brother of Adam this last year, so we knew from our past experiences with brothers & sisters that Adam was going to be good to work with. And guess what, all of you out there in blogland, he did not disappoint!

He had a ton of great ideas, and wasn’t afraid to try anything…this is what we call the perfect subject (which kind of makes it sound like we are performing experiments back in the Studio o’ FunCenter, but even though it looks dark & mysterious, I assure you that there are no experiments, other than my attempt at making a fully working robot from empty pop cans and old Star Magazines…so far I only have two legs made out of popcans with pictures from the magazine ripped out and taped all over the ‘robot’, but I think that it is only a matter of time until I achieve AI.)

Back to the matter at hand, and that’s Adam. What can I say about him, other than he was a blast to work with (as was his assistant and long time friend to O&J, Mom!), and we got some supergreatsnaps! But why just look at these words and be content, when just a few short words away there is proof of my statements. So – Enjoy!

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  1. hey! remember me at all? haha.. i was at your house once. and that makes me sound like a creeper! haha. anyway, great pictures. mine are up too. man, i love otis and james. okay.. anyway, do a good job at the nursing home! make those old people happy


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