Carly, Another Carly, Another Awesome Carly, Dang man…Carly.

Like, I don’t know what the story is. I don’t come to you tonight proclaiming to have all of the answers, or to have anything really figured out. I can’t tell you the reason why the sun and the moon are the way that they are. I can’t tell you the reason for love, war, or anything else. I don’t know why we are, or what the meaning of anything really is. In fact, there are only a couple of things that I know for certain.

I know that I am, and that this is. I also know that this past Thursday the doors to the FunCenter for Fun and Thought opened up, and into our lives should walk the one…the only…Carly.

Now, for those of you that are astute followers of all things blog (and I know who you are…I know who you are), you may notice that this makes two new peeps that share the same name in the same week. There was the first Carly, and then there was Carly, Another Carly. Now (and I know that I am all about starting sentences with the word ‘now’, but really this is really ((and think about that wordly perverted collection)) crazy, because this new Carly, this Carly v.2.0 was totally and completely awesome, and I’m not just talkin’ smack, I’m straight up. Another Carly. Another dose of awesome. Dang.

Now, (and again, what is the dilly-yo with me and starting my sentences with that word? Have I really exhausted all of my word opportunities? Is everything going to start with ‘Now’ from here on out?) back to the matter at hand, and that was our time spent with Carly. I could go on and tell you all sorts of stuff about just how awesome she was, or just how hard she rocked, but is that really my role? After a long day of doing whatever it is that the devotees of the blog do while not here do, do they (the collective you reading this) really need me to tell you about how awesome she was? Do you really need me to go on and on and on about how much fun the Ladies of James had during thier shoot, and how we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the day? No. quite simply, you don’t need me to tell you these things.

So instead, (hey, no now!) I will just leave you with a quick thank you to Carly for being so awesome, and to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. shut up! holy! how hott are your pictures?!?! j’adore them. madame pense tu est chaude. i think that means madame thinks you are hot. we are good at french! ok bye!

  2. f’ing hottie!im so excited to see the tattoo ones though!!! they turned out so good!!! go be a model or something! the first ones kinda seductive in a way and you know what that does to me…uh..jk…i love you!!!

  3. the truck and the junk yard and the last one are definately my favs. But all are gorgeous! I like your style.

  4. Carly, you are absolutely beautiful, oh my gosh, i feel like saying something sexy in french but we know how that would go.
    **muah** gorgeous

  5. So theres this girl named carly right? Who loves to not get ready until 7:30 in the PM and yeah I’m gonna make it to Bellisimos one of these times… actually i’ll probably drag your butt outa premier speaking of premier i was there for like an hour haha doing nothing… it was fun, i watched some of RV and i noticed you took Mean Girls off of your favorites… very disappointing… But back to the point of this already overly long comment, beautiful pictures… but none w/ the guitar? What is this?

    Cando Derek


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