Chris & Amber

There was a time, and there was this place. This time, it shall be called a couple of Thursdays ago. This place, it very well could be called the FunCenter. And in these places, there could be this couple, and their names could very well be (and I’m pretty sure…in fact I’m positive that they are), Chris & Amber!

They just might have come down to this place, at this time, for a specific reason. This reason very well might have been to have some totally awesome (and again, if you truly want to be hip to the blog, you gotta call them, but if being hip isn’t your bag, I will translate this kool to you and let you know that I mean engagement pics…but I swear this is the last time that I’m gonna do this for you!) taken, and they just may have been taking these photo-graphs because someday, someday soon, they will be making some wedding photo-graphs at their wedding.

I’m gonna say thank you to Chris & Amber for being so friendly, and for coming in on the tail end of a day (I do love the nightlife!), and for the rest o’ you peeps; you’re all gonna have to figure out what it is that is going on here. Best of luck, and – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey! its me Katie, i luv your pictures my favorite one is the first one(chris you have really hairy arms! haha jk) i dont think i am gonna come up on Saturday, so hopefully it wont be too long before i see you again! Amber have fun trying on your Dress!

    Love Katie


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