The Family Schmidt!

Dear Diary,

The other morn’ (now, don’t make fun of me, ol’ diary, for using the abbrev ‘morn’ – I’m trying to go classy here, I’ve had enough of the lowbrow and it’s time to move on to the highbrow, so you can just take your smart little smile and move along…oh, who am I foolin’ ol’ diary, no matter the words, I’ll always be lowbrow!)…but, as I was saying, the other morn’, there came to the land of Otis & James, a group of frenly peeps that shall from hence on be known as the Family Schmidt!

Diary, am I speaking like I’m at a Renaissance Festival? I do apologize, for I must continue telling you about this wonderful family! Well, we’ve worked with them before, so we knew from our past experiences that it was going to be a total cake job. So much so, that ol’ Otis (that’s me), felt that it was time for them to do the shoot without the aid of his…well…whatever it is that he (I) helps with (jury is still out). BUT…and this is the part where Otis regrets not being there for this wonderful time, because not only is this family a total and complete joy to work with, but they…and by they, I think that I am singling out one member of this family (I’m lookin’ at you, Amy) also brought some deliscous treats to fill the bellies of all the O&J’ers! It was awesomeX2!

Diary, I know you are saying, ‘Why the regret, old man?’. Well, the regret is that by the time that I came to fulfill my daily obligations to the Empire of James (aka O&J), there were only stories to be told of these sweets…as all the little O&J’ers got their grubby little paws upon these treats before Uncle Otis could even set foot inside the studio.


Well, dear friend, it is time for me to go, but I would just like to offer up thanks to the Family Schmidt for being so totally and completely awesome (as usual), and to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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