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Our trip in the FarBack Machine continues, but this time we need to adjust our coordinates. For we need to leave this land of Magic, and instead need to travel back to a time that was known as…again…not one, not two, but three Saturdays ago, and in a land that is known as Williston!

And why, as I’m sure that my dear bloggers are asking, are we changing our direction so…what is it that brings us to this far away Western (are directions capitalized?? Judges??) land…why do you venture to this land of oil that is so dangerously close to Montana? Let me be straight up with you…it was so we could be a part of the totally awesome wedding of Kile & Richelle!

Ahhh, now, I’m gonna break it down real easy for you…this group of totally awesome people that we had the great pleasure of working with was, as my earlier descriptor states, totally awesome! They were absolutely wonderful to work with, and they were even punctual! Did you hear that…they weren’t just punctual, they were early! It was, quite simply, miraculous!

Now, if all you all had come here to read some sort of a long novel that was occasionally peppered with lovely pictures, this post should go on for quite a bit longer. But I have received word that most of you are here for the happy fun time pictures. And the words are more of a distraction. So, it is without any further delay that we bring you Kile & Richelle – Enjoy!

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  1. I was so excited to see these pictures are on here! They are so beautiful! I had so much fun that day and I’m so happy Kile and Richelle have such great pics to remember it with!


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