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Gather ’round, ye cheldren of the blog, because it is time for us to fire up the ol’ O&J FarBack Machine, and travel back in time to a land and a time that we shall call, not this past Friday, but the Friday Friday past! I know, you are gonna start asking me, ‘Uncle Otis, why do we have to get into the FarBack Machine again…it’s cramped and it smellls like french fries in there.’, but worry not…the reason for our mission is good, it is so we can be a part of the wedding of Mike & Gina!

And so it was, that we found ourselves (mmmmm…not so sure about this new style of writing, sounds like a fractured fairytale) on this lovely Friday, with this lovely Bride & Groom, and their equally as lovely wedding party, and all of us together made some double eqally (that’s all sorts of equal, for those of you counting) great looking wedding photo-graphs!

We had a wonderful time working with one and all, and we would like to give mad props (that’s street for ‘Many Thanks’, for all of you that live in squaresville) to Mike & Gina for including us on their day! Now, if I just continued to put these words here, I would only be aggravating all of you out there in blog land, and I don’t want to be the man that causes the aggravation, I want to be the man tha’ gives the laughs. So – Enjoy!

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