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Listen Up! I’m gonna lay it down for you now, and it’s gonna go like this. A long, long, long time ago, way back when the OtisJames was still in its infant stages, when it was still crawling up from the mire, when it had not flown, and was still learning to walk, way way way back when, one of our first hard core believers in Otis & James was a young lady by the name of Michelle, and it was in a land called Lowe’s that we had the good fortune of first meeting, not just her, but also a young man by the name of Connor!

This first meeting seems like so long ago now, and so much life has passed since then! We eventually got to meet the one and only Justin, and it seems now like we have the good fortune of working with this wonderful family with great frequency! Now, I know that in this last sentence I used the word ‘frequency’, and it seems like I may be perscribing medication more than talking about this family, but my brain has gone to fried state, and I seriously typed that ten word sentence about sixteen times. So let me distill what I’m trying to say here with some bullet points:

  • Long Time Friends of o&j
  • Have watched Connor grow up right before our eyes!
  • Have had much fun working with this wonderful family!
  • Cant believe that it their wedding was finally here!
  • Had a ton of fun (that’s 2,000 lbs!)
  • Wedding Party was a blast!
  • Totally awesome snaps!
  • Wish the best for this couple, and thank them for sticking with us through time!
  • Stop Talking
  • Get On With The Snaps
  • Enjoy!

And seriously, much thanks to Justin & Michelle and their lovely families and awesome wedding party! But seriously again, get on with the snaps already – Enjoy!

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  1. I wish I could make up words the way you do to describe your pictures of Connor, Michelle, and Justin. It is always such a hard wait to see what you have come up each time you photograph them. The wedding was breathtaking, your photos, as always, capture so much more!! Awesome!!

  2. What a great day to send with such a great couple and little boy. Words can not express how enjoyable to day and evening was!! Thanks for such a great day!!!!


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