This past Sunday, we had the good gosh great almighty pleasure of working again with our good friend, the one and only Dulcie, as we gathered just one more time for the grand completion of her totallyawesomelyfantasticalseniorportraits! Do you got that??!! Good!

So, after wondering if we were going to again be blown by the wind, Dulcie stood up and said, ‘Wind, I defy you to bother me again during my shoot!’, and the wind stopped. This was the power that Dulcie had. So, if she could control the wind like this, how do you think she was with her SeniorSnaps?? She was totally awesome! She rocked it up hardcore, and the proof lies just not with these meager words that I’m trying to string together in an attempt to give some sort of context to her photographs, the proof instead lies with the actual photographicsamplesnaps, which are only a few more words away.

But…and this is the best part of the deal, we need to spend a little bit more time with these words as I thank Dulcie for stopping down to visit us on a Sunday, and thank you to her entourage as well for the awesome job of support that they did (emergency shopping and all), and now, that I have these thanks out of the way, it is time for us to stop all of this stressful reading, and move on to the part where we look at the colorful picture-graphs – Enjoy!

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  1. Dulcie Ann you are BEAUTIFUL! I loved your picutes hun I can’t wait to see more of them!

  2. Hey Dulcie..I love your pictures..they are beautiful!!..I can’t believe your a senior haha..it seems just lyk yesterday we were living next door to eachother..going over to eachothers houses everyday!!..haha..Beautiful Pics..

  3. Hey there. wow im not gonna lie but those pics are amazing, and i better get all of em… see ya later doll

  4. Lookin good Dulcie! Your pictures are incredible! I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

  5. Hey Dulcie.. you look beatiful in your pics…cant wait to come back home during christmas. We gotta party again just like old times.. I miss you..See you not soon enough

  6. Wow, I still can’t believe you are a senior.. And I am still very upset that you are going off to college and leaving me at home with mom and dad! haha oh I will get over it. Your pictures look gorgous Love You, Jaycee

  7. Brandon!!!!! your pics look really good me and jenna miss you guys but we’ll be back this weekend soo we shall hae to hang out

  8. Wow ! Dulcie .. You Look Beautiful In Every Picture .. I Hope You Have An Awesome Senior Year, And I Better Get Some Pictures !!

  9. Awsome pics Dulcie, they are great, Cant believe we are graduating already, I dont want to. I want to stay. 🙁 Well good job Darcie!! 🙂 Luv ya


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