Brandon…Mastering the Art of the Pose.

Mere words will not do justice to what is about to befall all you all out there in the land of blog. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I bring you some ultrasweetsnaps. I bring you some sweetultrasnaps. I bring you snapssweetultra. I bring you any one of the combinations of these words, and a little more. For I come to you today, with some sweetsweetsamplesnaps of the one, the only, the master of disaster, the king of pain, the terminator, the flaming woodchuck, the main event, none other than our man BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see that, he got the seventeen exclamation salute! Dang!

He took a little bit of time out from his superawesomesenioryear and stopped by the Otis & James Center For The Study of Fun, Critcal Thinking, Self Analysis, and Hairspray Research and blessed us with his prescence for a couple of all too fleeting hours. He was awesome, entirely. We loved him…We honestly loved him. We wanted to only photograph Brandon for the rest of our existence, but alas, our time was only temporary, as he had to get back to giving himself back to the people of Minot. We realized our dream was selfish, but really, can you blame us?

Didn’t think so.

So, we will just cherish the time that we had together, we will thank him for coming down and hangin’ with the O&J Crüe, and we will always have these samplesnaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Brandon!!!! your pics look rly good… and super sexy burtch agrees too.. well we miss you guys!


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