Our Monday last past (that means just this last one, but I’m gonna call it last past) came to a thrilling conclusion (now, I suppose that by using the term ‘thrilling conclusion’, one may be swayed to think that perhaps we would be working with a Senior, and then all of a sudden like, there would be some sort of an action movie type thing that went down, and I just want to reassure all of you out there in blogland that there were no scenes that involved Jamie & a Dutch hitman, that had been sent from competing photographers to…how shall we say…prevent her from taking any more pictures. There were no moments when the always wonderful Kinzey found herself standing on the ledge of a building, trying to save a baby that had crawled upon it. There was not a scene where Ben went to answer the phone, and when he picked it up, and finding that what he had thought was his cordless phone was really three sticks of dynamite tied together, and if he removed it from his ear, things might get a little…how shall we say…messy. And rest easy, as Otis did not find himself turning on his laptop, going to connect to the internet, and realizing that the internet was at the moment not working…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ((To Otis, this is the most terrifying thing that could happen.)) Rest assured, none of these things happened, I just didn’t want to say that it came to a delightful conclusion, because that would make it seem like we sat on the veranda and sipped herbal tea as the sun set, and that’s kind of not where we’re at, and probabaly not where our man, the one and only Andy is at either, so I said thrilling. Am I still in parenthetical form? Uhhhhhhhhhh…yeah…let’s break free) as we were visited by none other than the totally friendly man himself, Andy! And the reason for this visit was not to give O&J some golf tips (although, we could use some), it was for some supersweetseniorsnaps!

Ahh yes, I suppose that you are wondering what the outcome of these senior snaps was? You are sitting there, with your smug looks just waiting to find out what the dilly-yo is…you’re thinking, ‘I wonder of ol’ o&j will bring the goods this time…’. Well, let me tell you, you are wrong to be sitting there like that, thinking those things. Because, and I’m gonna let you in a little secret, it is not us that brings the magic, it is not us that ever brings the goods, it is our SuperAwesomeSeniors that bring these things! We just happen to be around them with various forms of photographic equipment, computers, reflectors, assistants and other things to ensure that we can take this magic, and find a way to deliver it to you, the faithful of the blog!

But if you came here to read a 10,000 word treatise on Senior Portraits, I suggest you get to steppin’, ’cause we are here to throw some love to our man Andy for being so great to work with, and to all you all out there with the computers and such – Enjoy!

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  1. You look wonderful! Your smile is beautiful!
    God bless you always, Andy! Keep up the good
    work and good luck!
    P.S. And just where did you get all that
    charm, wit and imagination from? [-:

  2. Hey guy! Looking good! I like these pix…how many are you gonna order???? It’s gonna be hard to pic a fave, isn’t it?

  3. Awesome pictures, Andy!!!

    We can’t believe how much you look like a blend of both parents! We like the 4th one the best. You have a terrific smile!

    Be sure to send us a graduation announcement! Jeff says if we win the lottery we could get you a ’68 Chevelle SS for your graduation! I would think you might want a weekend in Vegas!

    Tell your mom thanks for sending the e-mail.

    Jeff and Lorene

  4. What great photos! Thanks for sharing them with us Cheryl. The car is hot and so is the driver!LOL Have a super senior year Andy. Hope to see you all soon.


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