Ashton. Man of Good Picture.

Now, there’s two ways that we can do this.

The first way will involve a 2,000 word disertation on the SeniorSnaps of Ashton. We will probably cover all sorts of ground during this odyssey of the mind. In all likelihood, we will start at some benign place, but by the end of the post we will barely be holding on to any thread of normality. This will either excite you, or it will sicken you. I can not say for sure, as our audience is diverse.

The second way for us to do this is the ‘straight up’ approach. This can be seen in many anti-drug commercials. You know, frying pan, brain, that sort of stuff. No need to sugar coat it sort of thing. The type of thing that doesn’t waste all sorts of words trying to be clever. Straight-shooter. Mmmmmmmm-Hmmmmmmm.

Now, because I happen to know Ashton (after a lovely meal…make that an over indulgence…of many fried foods at the Fridays in Bismarck – not to mention the part that he just happens to know our assistant/friend, the one and only Kinzo) I’m thinking that the less time riding on my brainwaves in word form, and the quicker that we get to the actual photo-graphs, the better off we all will be.

So, Ashton, it’s now only three seconds until you see your blogpics – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. HAHA i love it i am soo addicited to the blog. thank you so much for your work on getting it done today!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my lordy!!! Ashton you are one hot mama!! You look so sophisticated! All I can say is, Damn Hotness…….I will leave you with that and only that because that is what you truly are is damn hot!

  3. I am here with a “hot pink” cast on my broken foot and my only entertainment is the internet. . .so I am out surfing and found you!! As you can tell, being laid up for 3 weeks, I am a little psycho!! Your pictures are great and I am so happy that Kenzie showed them to me. Your mom should feel very proud!! Do you remember when I came to your restaurant with my lady friends. . .watch out. . .you never know who is out there spying on you!!

  4. ASHTON!!! whooop you look cool in your pics n my friends drool over them n then tell me which is sick, cuz were blood!!you acctauly look like a model!whoever took these did a flippin amazing job!!!



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