There’s a song by the band known as the Velvet Underground, called Sunday Morning. I used to work at 7:00 AM every other Sunday morning for a few years. Before I would leave my little apartment, I would put this song on my little CD player, and I would try to feel normal. I hope that Matthew…not me Matthew…but the Matthew that we had the good fortune of working with this past Sunday mornining, I hope that he didn’t have to do this.

But if he did, it worked. Because even though the birds were chirpin’, the sun was shinin’, and the whole of Minot was slumberin’, he tore it up…crazysundaymorningstyle. Perhaps older sistah gave some coaching, but whatevs, he still tore it up. I’m not ever sure I know what this means, but you can figure it out.

And what better way to help you with this figuring process than through less words, and more snaps. Thanks be to Matthew (gift of God, by the way) for being so good, and to all of you out there in blogerland – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Barta, or shall I say Bartholemule?I don’t have the words right at this moment to describe how much I love your pictures! They are truly amazing and so are you Barta! I never thought for a moment that you would be able to take a good picture….not saying this is a bad thing! You are just not a photogenic person xcept for when i take pictures of you wearing my sunglasses and you biting you finger like a tease! Hahaha….. I better get some of these snaps you hot stud! Love ya Barta!


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