Josh & Nichole!

All you all ready for a little trip back into the O&J WayBack Machine??!! I know it’s been a long time, but I think that it’s time for us to fire it up again. It’s back from the shop, and I just had it detailed, so I don’t think the ride will be that bad…except for the fact that it still has the Captain & Tenille 8 track stuck on play…but, I really think that they’re about ready to become hip again. Sometimes I think of myself as the Captain, and Jamie as Tenille.

Alright, let’s travel all the way back to a land, space, and time that we shall from hereafter refer to as being not this past Wednesday, but this Wednesday Wednesday past. “Why Uncle Otis, Why are we putting our lives on the line like this in this crazy WayBack Machine with this awful 70’s music??!!” the children of the blog were asking.

“It’s so we can be a part of the superfantastical of the one and only, the couple that shall be known as Josh & Nichole!!”, replied Uncle Otis, as he turned up the volume on the 8 Track just a little bit louder. Nothing relaxes UO like the sweet sounds of C&T.

Man, I’ll tell you something, brah…this couple owned their session. The totally owned it. They were incredible. They were fantastical. They were magical. It was as if we had gone to their FunCenter, and we were lucky that they let us into their world for one brief moment. And then, before we knew it, our time together had come…and gone. But we’ll always have some supersweetsample snaps, so – Enjoy!

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