As long as we’re traveling back to the land of two Wednesdays ago, let us take some time to look at the crazyawesomeseniorsnaps of a man that we like to call…and I’m assuming that probably most everybody else out there likes to call him, the one & only Jordan!

He graced us with his presence for the cause of some senior snaps, and let me be the first one to tell you, we are lucky that he did. You see, he was our first appointment of the day, and if this first one is not rocking, there is a cloud that comes over the rest of the day. But I’m here to tell you, my fellow devotees of the blog, that there was no dark cloud at the conclusion of our time.

You see, he rocked. He tore it up, plain & simple. After our time with him came to a close, we knew that the rest of our day, heck man, the rest of our week was gonna be nothing but blue skies! We would like to now send a little o&j shoutout[muchlove] to Jordan for being great to work with, and for making our time together sweetlysweet.

Well, before I turn into a pile of nonsensical adjective spewing goo, I think it be time for us to stop all of this lameo reading, and get on to the part where we look at shiny pictures! Sound good? Thought so – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Jordan
    I havnt seen u in forever! anyways ur pictures are awesome I must say…. I just wanted to say hi and ur pictures are hott! hahaha bye hun


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