Kelsi, Master of the Fall Day!

Sometimes, people can control their own destiny. Sometimes, people can control others’ destinies. Sometimes, but it is very rare, you will meet someone that will be in control of much more than this, and Kelsi was just one of these people. You see, she was the Master of the Fall Day, and that’s crazy.

She was able to walk outside and find herself in absolutely wonderful situations, time and time again. She was able to communicate with the sky, the trees, and their leaves. I heard she even talked to a squirrel, and told this squirrel to make her a nice pair of winter boots, and two hours later this same squirrel came back with the nicest pair of winter boots that you have ever laid eyes on.

This reminds me, there was one time that we worked with a person that actually had the title of ‘Not In Control of Anything…Including Myself, and Anything That I Come In Contact With’, and that shoot was very difficult. This person just ran in circles in the studio flapping their arms and screaming something about a duck named Nacho, that’s really a goose. But Kelsi, oh no, she was nothing like this at all, because she was Master of the Fall Day!

Everything for Kelsi was perfect, including Kelsi herself! She was totally awesome to work with, and our time together was filled with nothing but sunshine, smiles and good times! If you close your eyes, you can practically hear the sound of happiness eminating from your computer…go ahead…close them…but only for a minute…because we’re now at that point that we give much[love] to Kelsi for stopping by the FunCenter and giving us a little bit of time, and y’all know that right after this we always go to the part where you get to look at the samplesnaps, so if your eyes are closed, you – like – totally won’t be able to see them. So open them up, and get ready for – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. kelsey your pix are soo good. you look BEAUTIFUL!! capitalized haha i hope mine come out that good. theyre in a couple weeks. all the pix from here ive seen so far are absolutely amazing!!

  2. kelsi your pictures are amazing!, i love the first one where your laying in the leaves. hope you had fun with otis and james!

  3. kelsi your pictures are amazing!, i love the first one where your laying in the leaves. hope you had a fun time with otis and james!

  4. Kelsi…
    how Your pictures our beautiful!!! Your so pretty!!!! IU love this first one hahaha…. anyways good luck in basketball this year…

  5. hey kels your pics are quite sweet action! i especially love the hat…and you’re wearing a skirt! haha they rock

  6. Hey Kelsi, your pictures are really good! you look soo pretty. I like the third one down with your skirt, it is relly cute. see u in advanced math.

  7. Kelsi……… speechless , the camera eats you up! and i mean thats a good thing lol -They look gorgeous and thats an understatement!!!

  8. Kelsi, Your pictures look like a portfolio for a modeling job!! They are great. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  9. Kelsi,

    What can I say but you got it girl!! Great pics, very sophisticated and stylish. Enjoy them.

  10. Great photos Kelsi. I hope you are enjoying your senior year. You sure are pretty! These shots are as good as any you can get in New York City.

  11. What can I say, but wow! You are beautiful! Modeling world, here she comes. Anxious to see the rest of them.

  12. Hi from OHIO. The pics are spectacular! Maybe you will be the next gal from N.D. on Americas Next Top Model. (can’t help it I am hooked on that show). You would blow the competition away!! Enjoy your senior year!

  13. Good lookin pics kid. Hard to believe you are graduating soon! Seems like just the other day we had to go to Minot to see your mom and dad getting hitched!

  14. Amazing Pictures Kels — They really captured your spirit; sweet, beautiful, and intelligent! I think you might have taken after ME! Hee Hee


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