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Now, my children of the blog, it is time to load ourselves into the o&j WaybackMachine (WBM), and to set the dials (yes, we have dials still) to a land that we shall call not this Saturday past, but this past Saturday past. Which would make it two Saturdays ago. In case that was too confusing for you. Which it probably was. And if so, much apologies. I didn’t mean to hurt your brain.

Well, seeing as how we have set the dials and pointed the WBM in the direction of this time and space, me thinks it time to stop at the wedding of dear friends to Otis & James, none other than the charming Erick, and the always lovely Amy…and, what’ that you say…it’s their wedding day??!! Yowza! Well, what perfect timing on my part then, huh!

Indeed, it was their wedding day, and what a day they had chosen. That sentence didn’t really go anywhere, but it doesn’t matter, as they had an absolutely wonderful day to work with, but any day would have been just fine with this couple, as their total and complete mastery of all things awesome ruled supreme on this day, and these powers would have done the same on any other day. Again, I’m not sure what that means, but I think that my brain (which may actually be hurt) it functioning on a higher level of understanding, so whatever it is that I put out there makes sense in some sort of a higher plane of existence, so it truly is, all good.

Back to the subject matter, Erick & Amy. What can I say about this couple, other than we had a truly wonderful time working with them! From Velva to the Studio, the good times came in boatloads (which is much greater than a carload), and we would truly like to thank them for being so wonderful to work with, and for giving us such awesome images!

Well, before I drift too deep into the inner realm of my mind, I think it’s time for us to put aside these words, and go instead to the pretty pictures. MuchLove, and – Enjoy!

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  1. WOW! That’s about all I can say. If the rest of them turned out this good, which I am sure they did, I will have to have my own Amy and Erick wedding album! Thanks for the fun day, Otis and assistants! Fabulous as always!

  2. I just got a glimpse of a few of the many pictures that you took on that special day. I am very anxious to see the rest! The kids look wonderful and so in love. The group shots look awsome. You did a GREAT job. Thanks for capturing their story. WONDERFUL JOB!


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