Kelly & De Anna

Again, we fired up the o&j WayBack Machine, and set the controls for a space and time that was known as Friday Friday past, and it wasn’t just so we could get back to the way things used to be on the Sixth of October…the glory days that used to be…no, no…our trip is to a time that we will call from this time forward the wedding of Kelly & De Anna!

Shucks, now…we had an fantastic time working with this lovely couple, and their equally lovely wedding party! They were beautiful…they came to the day ready to rock, they had their poses worked out, they were pressed, starched, made up, gorgeous, and they came to rock our photographic world.

The verdict? Well, let me just say that our world was indeed, rocked. Now, those aren’t lite words coming from us. No no no, my friend. If I say it, it’s truth. It’s the Gospel According to Otis, and that’s some pretty serious stuff, now. Again, this was one of those weddings where we were given the beauty, all we had to do was to pick it up and put it inside of the camera. This was our mission, and we succeeded.

We would like to thank Kelly & De Anna for being so wonderful to us leading up to the wedding, and on the day itself, and we would like to give mad props (that means ‘many thank you’s) to everyone else involved with the day – you all rocked! Alright, alright, we need to stop saying so many words, and we need to instead just look at the good time happy pictures! MuchLove, and – Enjoy!

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  1. you two arw awesome…you made the entire wedding experience for our family amazing, especially for our beautiful daughter De Anna and son Kelly..I am a blessed woman to add a new son to my already wonderful family…life is gooooooood.

    Thank You…next it will be Disa..the maid of honor and if you think this one was fun and exciting just wait until it is Disa’s turn…you “ain’t seen nothn’ yet”.

    Blessings and have fun”


  2. What a beautiful day. Your photos are amazing. Kelly and De Anna, we wish you more happiness than words can say.
    De Anna, welcome to the family. Kelly, thank you for bringing her here to share with us. We love you.

    P & C

  3. ok , when am I going to see all of these amazing photos…I can’t wait much longer! This was just a teaser!



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