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Is it time? What’s that…it is!! I’ll race you to the WayBack Machine – come along now, because our destination is a land and time far away from here. Have you ever been to the mythical land that is called Hazen? What’s that…you haven’t?? Well, are you in for a suprise, because we’re headed back to a time that, for your sake, I’ll just call ‘a few weeks ago’, because if I were to actually speak the name of this time in the actual space language of time, your head would expand to three times its normal size, and none of your trucker hats would fit.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you…in fact…I’m gonna tell you right now the reason that we’re making this epic voyage. It is for the wedding of Chad & Amy! Can you believe it! All the planning, all of the hard work has all finally come together, and we’re gonna go right into the heart of it, because the O&J SuperCrew (shout out to my peeps Elise & Rob) had the good great opportunity of being a part of this absolutely wonderful day! Ahh…shoot, man, we was truly lucky that we were chosen to be a part of the wedding, and we’d just like to give some mad props as well (and for those of you that are still firmly stuck in the language of squares, that means that we would like to offer up thanks to…you got it??!!) to the lovely Bride, Groom, Wedding Party & Family for being so wonderful to work with!

The SuperCrew had an absolutely wonderful time with one and all, and the proof of this statement lies not in some pie chart, graph, or scientific notation, but instead lies in the SuperSweetSampleSnaps that are only a few more words away (remember, I get paid by the word, and I’m going on an adventure next week, and I need all the sweet sweet cash that Jamie will allow me to have…but enough of me). So, let us dispense with all of this writing, and get to the business at had, which is the wedding of Chad & Amy – Enjoy!

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  1. Great job Otis & James! We love them and cannot wait to see the rest… It was such a pleasure to have you at our wedding capturing all the special moments of our day.
    Thank you SO much again!

  2. amy and chad,
    what wonderful pictures of two beautiful people!
    we can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures…..
    hats off to Otis and James for a fab. job!!
    kevin and Rose Wruck


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