How are you on a Monday morning? Do you jump out of bed, with the happy thoughts of a new week filling your head, as you run through your house spreading sunshine and joy, all the while singing show tunes about ‘beautiful mornings’…or do you sit on the edge of your bed wondering how it is that the week can take so long, but yet the weekend can go so quick.

Me, I don’t rest. There are no weekends, as you ‘normal folk’ know them. But back in the day of Monday-Friday, I fell in to the latter of the two options. Many mornings sitting on the edge of that bed. What, dear Otis, does this have to do with the main event, the man known as Levi?? Well, I don’t know about running around singing songs (in fact, there is only a small percentage of the population that will actually sing songs in the morning), but dang, if he didn’t put on a Friday disposition on a Monday Morning!

The Ladies of James (that would be Queen James and her faithful sidekick Kinzo) had a wonderful time working with this totallyawesomedude, and they would like to extend a big ol’ shout out to Levi for being a rockstar on a Monday AM, and to all of the rest of the Children of the Blog out there – Enjoy!

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