Tom & Pam!

Our Monday Monday past came to a lovely conclusion with a visit from new friends of Otis & James, none other than Tom & Pam!

I know that all of you, my faithful bloggerites, are smart…smaht people. I know this because you are a bloggerite, and by default that makes you smahhht. So, I will not test your patience in taking you through all sorts of twists and turns, playing with your digital emotions and what not, just to wind up at a place in which we find out that the reason that this wonderful couple came down to the FunCenter was for some SuperSweetEngagementPics, and we had a fantastical time working with this lovely (I need to find another adjective…I know…but lovely is just so perfectly lovely) couple!

Instead, I will just tell you that we had a great time during our SweetSession, and we can’t wait until the main event (and for those of you that don’t pay attention, that means their wedding), which will be here before we know it!

Well, the hour is late, and you really must be getting to the part when I say goodbye and let you look at the pics (or else face a rebellion from the Bloggerites, and I would rather be the benevolent King than the one that is rebelled against), and call it a day. So, it’s Tom & Pam – Enjoy!

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