SMBF v.1 :: The Sam Edition!

Now, when you have a billion blog entries to put up, the first question can often times be, “Where do I even begin?” This question can often be the most difficult part of the process. In fact, it’s easy just to get stymied by this one facet of the blogging experience and become parlyzed with fear of your own potential, and just decide to watch old Ren & Stimpy episodes instead.

I, however, have cast aside these fears, and I have outgrown my need for such cartoons, and instead I have said, “Self…they shall begin with whatever I shall choose to begin with, because at this point, nobody really needs to know the when/why/how of everything, they just want to see some freakin’ pictures!!” I am very good at listening to self, so I just clicked, and who did I wind up with but the one and only, the ever-lovely, the talented and wonderful Sam!

It is not even relevant when it was that we were so lucky to work with her, although I do recall something about a sister, a couple of different shoots (pesky weather), and as usual, my memories usually almost always have a zebra wearing one of those rainbow wigs that people at football games wear…but this part, at least 90% of the time, is not actually a part of the real memory, but it is what professionals have called ‘projecting my imagination’ upon actual events. Either way, it rocked. Sam rocked. Just look at the pics…wait…wait…just take a little peak, you don’t gotta get all crazy and just leave my words behind.

Well, I think it’s now time to leave my words behind and instead focus (hey…I think that was a photographic pun…fancy that!) instead on the awseomosity that is Sam – Enjoy!

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  1. Samantha – you are beautiful!! I love the pictures, they turned out so awesome!!! I have such pretty nieces!

  2. Wow Samantha! Awesome pictures!! You are just as beautiful on the inside as your pictures radiate on the outside.

    Love you,
    Aunt Shelley


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