SMBF v.2 :: The Karie Edition!

Moving on down the list, we now find ourselves at a place that I like to call the ‘Karie Zone’ – and I don’t do this because it is an actual place, but I call it this because it is the zone that a lovely new friend to the FunCenter, the one and only Karie (and again, I’m sure that their are others out there, whether they be relatives, doppelgängers ((whoa)), or just people that share the same name, but on this day, and the day that this may actually be may have been yesterday or two weeks ago, everything is so hazy…so hazy, but she…this Karie…the one with the Karie Zone, is all that matters) occupied, but, it really wasn’t even a particular zone, like, we didn’t have a part of the studio with tape on the floor ready for her when she came in, and Kinzo was standing guard to make sure that she didn’t step out of her zone, or else she would have had to have pulled out some of her sweet Kinzo Ka-Ra-Te moves that she is so fond of showing all of us, and that have inflicted pain upon our very own Ben on so many occasions, so, it is really more of a methaphorical place that she resided in during our time together, and we should close our minds and think in terms of square footage, we should really expand our minds and think outside of these limitations that society has placed upon our thoughts.

Umm…yeah. So, let’s put all of that aside and give some love in the general direction of our new friend, and now we personally, that is the o&j krüe, are sending out some good vibrations to Karie for taking the time to visit us, and for being so awesome!

So, without any further delay, I present, Karie – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Love your pictures and your outfits!! Christa
    Sweet pictures. You look so cute! Erica
    I love you! Joshua
    You look beautiful Karie. Can’t wait to see what pictures you pick. Lisa, Dan and Zachary


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