SMBF v.10 :: The Nathan & Jeannine Edition

Well, I don’t think that we’ve fired up the o&j WayBack Machine in quite a while. Yes sir, from the looks of it, it hasn’t been activated for quite some time. Well, that’s about to change. You see, we have to go back in time now, to a land, a land of space & time that is known as not this Friday past, but the Friday Friday past…yes, you heard me…I know you’re thinking to yourself, ‘How on earth can we go this far back? What are the risks? Will I ever see my family again??!!’

Well, I don’t have the answers for you on any of those questions, but the reason for our mission is of great importance, and that is so we can go back and be a part of the wedding of Nathan & Jeannine! We need to go back so our faithful bloggers can see the photographic wonderfulness that was their wedding day!

We need to put behind us any fears of what the consequences may be, and we need to focus (and for those of you keeping track, that’s the ‘hat-trick’ of me using that lame old pun this evening…thank you…thankyouverymuch) instead on the benefits…not just to us, but to the world as a whole!

What’s that you say, delusions of grandeur what? Well, you can keep those fancy words to yourself, because our mission awaits us. For all of you out there in the land of blog, we do this for you. And to the happy couple; thank you for letting us be a part of your day, and – Enjoy!

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  1. I love them. They arent the so traditional, stuffy wedding pictures. They are very classy. Otis and James did a super job!!

  2. What a rockin weddng party! I think out of all the weddings I’ve been in including my own the picture taking was super fun! I agree with Jackie, it was nothing like the average, everyday wedding photos. Its all about having fun and Otis and James captures it all on photo! SUPER SUPER JOB!

  3. Great pic’s, I love the black and white/rose, don’t see to many of them anymore.
    Great jobs on the pic’s.

  4. Let me re-phrase that since my puppy put her paws on the keyboard “Great job on the pic’s” will be waiting to see more.

  5. What a bunch of good looking people! Otis and James did a wonderful job once again! I love how they capture life in the candid photos. They turned out great! I can’t wait to see the rest! Bravo….


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