SMBF v.11 :: The Kelly & Nikki Edition!

And, our voyage in the WayBack Machine (which is actually not that bad on gas) continues, and this time we are setting the coordinates to a land called Tioga; and it’s not just because we want to find out more about this lovely town, but because not this past Saturday, but this SaturdaySaturday past (and for those of you that aren’t 100% up to their math skillz, that means it was two Saturdays ago) the Otis & James Caravan of Love, Sponsored by the Otis & James Center for the Study of Marsupials, and Marsupial Gambling Habits (O&JCFTSOMAMGH) pulled into this wonderful town for the wedding of Kelly & Nikki!

We had an absolutely fantastical time working with this lovely couple and their equally lovely wedding party and family! We put them through all sorts of total nightmare shooting situations (most of which involved freezing their arses off), but they did it, and they did it in style! I often wonder what it is that goes through the heads of our willing subjects as we put them into all sorts of uncomfortable situations in search of that perfect picto-graph, but it doesn’t take that much imagination to think of what might be going through their heads, but even so, they were totally wonderful, and handled all of our requests with grace!

So, to say that we offer one and all ‘muchlove’ for being so good is an understatement, but it will have to do for now, as I don’t think that the word for how awesome they were has been created yet! Well, I need to stop all of this talking and get on to the part where we pull up a chair, and gaze at the superawesomesamplesnaps! So, I will not delay this process any more – muchlove, and – Enjoy!

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  1. You and Kelly look great, they turned out perfect. You can’t even tell it was freezing out.

  2. All the pics are so adorable!! You hotties!! Otis & James do an awesome job!! I can’t wait to see them all! Love ya


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