SMBF v.7 :: The Emily Edition!

You know what? Emily came down to the FunCenter at some point during her life (most likely during the last two weeks, but it very well could have been 14 years ago, but unless she hasn’t aged that much during the past 14 years, I’m leaning toward the past couple of weeks, but what is time, really?), and during this time she so freely gave to us, she was – in a word – totally and completely awesome.

Straight up, and I’m not even kidding you on this, she was all things good, and all things better, and all things best rolled up into one supersweet combination of goodness, and sprinkled with all things extraordinary…now THAT’S what I’m talking about.

So, I think we need now take a moment to relfect upon what I have just said.

Still reflecting.
Still reflecting.
Still reflecting.
Still reflecting.
Still reflecting.
Still reflecting.

Ahh yes…I’m done reflecting, and now it is time for us to say thank you to Emily for stopping down to the FunCenter, and it shall from henceforth be known as the time for us to stare at the loverly picto-graphs – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. WOWZA EM i effin heart u, u look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all i can say is wow hunni YOUR SO FRICKEN SCRUMPTIOUS! member i still heart u no matter what

  2. Emily Awsome*Superb*Fantastic*Amazing*Gorgeous*Lovely*Great*Wonderful*Beautiful*and all around Terrific! This will look *DANG* hot in that *DANG* hot yearbook we are making! Anywho you looked amazing as always!


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