SMBF v.6 :: The Christine Edition!

Yes…Yes! It’s all becoming clear to me now…I think earlier there was another post that was directly related to this post…it seems to me that it may have included a Sunday, a Sister, some Otis, a big ol’ helping of James, and a side of Kinzo, the FunCenter, three cats, two of which I forget the name to, but one of them I’m pretty sure was named Blackie, a 1985 Toyota Cressida Luxury 4 Door Wagon, a cab driver that we all affectionately called ‘Boscoe’ – even though he hated being called that, a man dressed up like a werewolf, a wagon that was decorated in magnets from Dominoes Pizza, a dresser that was filled with an antique wig collection, a series of stamps commemorating the Lincoln Douglass debates, the entire marching band from Irondale High School – New Brighton, Minnesota, some Tic-Tacs, an old Hootie and the Blowfish album, and a 13″ Black & White TV.

Yes, it’s all coming back to me now…oh…and one more thing, it was all about a wonderfully lovely young lady that went by the name Christine…and it was the conclusion to her superawesomeseniorsnaps! And…guess what…it was awesome! But, seeing as how you may or may not trust what I say to be as the crystal clear version of events, I suggest that you now turn your attention away from these short, relatively meaningless words, and instead focus (again…the sweet photographic pun) on all that is wonderful in the samplesnaps below – Enjoy!

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  1. Christine!! Your pics are GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful neice I have, I can’t wait to see Samantha’s.

  2. Wow Christine! I thought I was looking at pictures from a magazine shoot!! You are as beautiful on the inside as your pictures portray on the outside.

    Love you,
    Aunt Shelley


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