Drew! At Last!

For those of you that consider your bad selves to be regular readers of the blog, you may recall sometime in the not so distant past there was a dilemma of a young lady by the name of Dru, which I had confused with a young man by the name of Drew (click here for the related post).

In a nutshell, my mind was completely blown for a period of time while I tried to figure out how space and time worked again, but soon Jamie came along and saved the day (as usual), and all was well again in the land of the FunCenter!

Which brings us to today, and this young man by the name of Drew, and let me be perfectly honest with you, he came to the studio ready to rock, and rock, as I’m sure you’re all guessing, he did! I’m not going to babel on and on as I normally do, because I’m guessing that there are probably some people out there that just want to get to the pics, but I am going to say that, on a personal Otis level, I think drew is the tops because of his hoodie pics! LONG LIVE THE HOODIE!

A’ight, enough talking, much love to Drew & all that made his shoot possible, and for all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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