Lance & Darla

And so it was, that after a mad summer and fall filled with weddings that we found ourselves at the end of the road [cue: Boys II Men/dim white lites/bathe stage in blue/solitary spotlite on Otis]. Where do we begin? It seems, to be cliched, just like yesterday that we started the season up. It was May, and all of what we know now to be the past was still potential.

Days become weeks become months, and here we found ourselves finishing out the end of the wedding season, in a land called Fargo, with a gorgeous couple by the name of Lance & Darla. We could not have wished for a more wonderful way to end this season, as every aspect of this day was perfection to behold!

This perfect state started at the top, with the wonderful couple, and continued down through the wedding party, family, and every other person involved with the day. Our role was just to take a little bit of this perfection, and put it into a form that they will, through the years, look back upon and marvel at how wonderful their day was, in the town of Fargo, on the third week of October in the year of 2006.

It was a perfect end to this season. To Lance & Darla, a big offering of muchlove from o&j.

[fade out stage lites/fade out music]

And to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

[fade out Otis spotlite]

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  1. WOW great photos of a BEAUTIFUL couple. Looks like the event of the season in Fargo ND or anywhere. Sorry I missed it.
    Congratulations and best wishes.
    Denise, Zac & Hunter


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