BLC v.7 :: The Courtney Edition!

And, how do you think that our Friday past came to end? Did it end with Otis & James getting into a wild car chase through the streets of downtown Minot, being chased by every police officer on duty, and being chased by some that just wanted to be part of a car chase (and, the chase was over a $5.00 parking ticket – but you gotta enforce, you gotta enforce), and eventually, the chase let right up to the mighty and raging Souris River – and O&J were faced with the prospect of trying to jump the river with the Nissan, or being captured by la Policia – and the camera froze and a ‘To Be Continued’ title flashed across the screen, or, were we visited by a lovely Senior by the name of Courtney?

Well, seeing as how there are no pictures of the o&j krüe blazing through the streets of Minot in the Nissan below, and instead there are picto-graphs of a lovely young lady by the name of Courtney smiling up at us, I’m pretty sure that all of you can figure it out. But, for those of you that aren’t good with stories (and Ben, I’m looking at you), we took pics of Courtney.

We had a wonderful time working with Courtney, and we would like to thank her for taking some of her Courtney time and making it into Otis & James time (which, coincidentally, is what Mountain Time used to be called), and to all of you peeps that keep comin’ back out there in the space and time known as the inter-net – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. HEy lester these pictures are pretty sweet there chick
    hope you had tons of fun
    luv ya
    sammi jo


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