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Our time with totally wonderful families continued with a visit to the FunCenter by The Family Horton! And do you know what they did? No, they didn’t build an aeroplane and fly to the moon, and they didn’t ride a team of zebra’s down Main Street in a triumphant parade, and they didn’t make the worlds largest ball of twine, only to find out that somebody else had already made a bigger one, oh no, they did none of these things. Let me tell you what they did do.

They straight up, flat out, without a doubt (hey…that just might be poetry!) rocked. And you can take that to the bank, deposit it, and let it gather interest, because that statement is as good as gold!

We would like to thank The Family Horton for taking time off from their day of rest (isn’t that what Sunday is supposed to be? I’ve only read of this phenomena before) and stopping down to the FunCenter, and to them and all my little people of blog out there in the late fall night – Enjoy!

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