Now, There are two options that we can choose from in going down this road of blog that is known as the Megan post.

Option 1:

I frantically try to find out when it was that we took her pictographs, I then go on to string a bunch of words together in order to form some mutated sentences, and eventually the wheels fall off of the thing, and it devolves into me just rambling some stream of consciousness stuff, and you all out there reading this just skip to the pics.


Option 2:

I just say, ‘Dang, Megan…you tore it up. You rocked. Pictographs + Megan = Sweet. It’s just that simple.

I’m guessing that most of you will go with two, but if there are any of you out there in blogland that would like Option 1, feel free to call the studio, and I’ll talk gibberish to you on the phone for about three minutes.

MuchLove to Megan for stopping down to the FunCenter, and to allyouallallyouall out there in the Arctic land of blog – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Megan,
    Your pictures look great! It is a very exciting time for you! You are Beautiful!!!!

  2. Meg,
    pretty sweet pics, i personally like the one on the street so i expect to get one of them well i’d imagine i’d get one of each but you can write on that one for me. 🙂


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