The Family Ramirez!

You know what time it was during this last week? Hmmm? I bet you’re sitting there in your flannel pajamas with your cup of hot cocoa thinking to yourself that you know the answer to this, you’re thinking it was the time for Thanksgiving! And, to a certain extent, you would be correct in this assumption, but unfortunately, that’s not the answer that I’m looking for.

The correct answer that it was time for another installment of the Family Ramirez Super Family Portraits! Hooray! And…as a special treat to this lovely family, none other than yours truly, good ol’ Otis had the great pleasure of not just hiding out in the front office with Ben while the ladies of James did the shoot…oh no…he actually got to DO the shoot! Hooray for Otis! He can work a camera! Who Knew??!!

As usual, they were perfect. Now, seeing as how Reba (the red head) is the sistah of Jamie, and Little Jesse (he’s the smaller man) is my Godson, and how Jessie is the husband of Reba (and, by the way, nobody but me calls her Reba, but I’m hoping that through the information superhighway that we are currently traversing, I will ignite some sort of a new fad for her! Joy! In fact, Reba Joy!), we may not be totally unbiased. In fact, we aren’t.

So, I’m just gonna say that they were perfect, and you’re gonna have to deal with it. Take that, faithful bloggers (I’m testing your limits right now, kind of like that Job thing)! Much thanks to the lovely family, and the always lovely Kinzo & Ben for being superassistants during the shoot. Y’all rocked the house! Dang! Alright, enough of this, and let’s look at the pics – Enjoy!

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  1. Only for certain eyes to see!!! We had such a good time at the FUNCENTER. Matt you rocked it. With help for the assistants. Thanks guys.

  2. Well, if nothing else he’s the best dressed baby I’ve ever seen!! Man, they do grow up fast though. I better get over there to visit the little one before long!! Love you Becca and fam, miss you.


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