The Family Hoskin!

Sometimes you gotta work (have I been starting a lot of these posts with words like ‘sometimes’, or ‘now, let me…’ or ‘you think you…’?? Hmmm…I need to break free from these trends, I need to come up with new, sweet, sleek attention getting devices. Maybe at the start of the post, I could put one on those animated gift’s that you used to see a lot of on the internet, like the gopher that looks like he’s walking…man, that guy used to crack me up! I know that if my post were to start off with something like that, I would think to myself, ‘Self, this post is going to be electifying! I mean, look at how whoever it is that did this has already mastered their use of the internet, I can hardly wait to see what the post ahead of me holds!’) to get the goods, and sometimes the goods are just handed to you.

In this case, the case of the Family Hoskin, (which, conincidentally, is also the name of a so-so Hardy Boys adventure), the goods were signed, sealed and delivered to us! Translation: They came down to the FunCenter, and they knew what it was that they were going to do, and we just made sure the camera had batteries, and that the cooler was stocked.

MuchLove to one and all in this lovely family for taking time out of their lives for us, and to the rest of you that are living contently in their blog homes tonight – Enjoy!

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By otis

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