This is Amber! She came down to the FunCenter this last week to have some superawesomeseniorsnaps taken. She made the appointment a while ago, and because the schedule had filled up, she found herself getting in just a couple of days before Thanksgiving!


Little did Amber know at the time, but the day that she wound up getting was going to be, perhaps, one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen that was just two days before Thanksgiving! It was, like, jorjous (that is how they say ‘gorgeous’ in Europe, yo) outside! Birds were singing, children were playing, records were blasting rocking tunes, the sky had seven rainbows, there was a marching band, the mayor was there to present us all with awards, there was a kangaroo petting zoo, and there was this one period where $100 bills were falling from the sky.


Part of that may have been a dream that I had, but I’m pretty sure the majority of it was true. We had an absolutely wonderful time working with Amber, and we got some sweetlysweet shots along the way as well! We’d like to thank both her, and her personal assistant (Mom) for stopping down to the FunCenter on such an absolutely wonderful day! To my faithful of the blog, sitting so patient next to their computers, waiting waiting waiting for the next post to go up – Enjoy!

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  1. amber,
    you are so pretty!!!
    i loved your pictures!!!
    if any thing goes wrong with your career in architecture.. you could all ways be a model>>>!!!

  2. amber,
    you are so pretty!!!
    you have a great smile!!
    If your architecture career doesnt work out, you could all ways be a model>>>>!!!!

  3. Hey i love the second picture the best …you could like be AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!!!!! then you would have one thing that ms. skilled doesnt hahahaha j/k j/k

  4. AMBER!!!!!!!!!
    YOU LOOK AAAAMMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNGGG!!! HAHA i really like the pictures and i better get at least too of those! they are just spectacular! (i hope i spelt that right)

  5. OMG…luv the pictures so wish i could have came with…o well when brock and alecia go were up then to!!!

  6. AMBER POWER!!! you look freaking AMAZING in your picutres!! holy wowzas!! i want at least 8 copies of all of them:)
    see you in a week!

  7. ampow…i absolutely love ur pictures..and ur outfit in that first picture!…who helped u pick that out..haha just kidding but you look gorgeous…and u said that i looked better wearing ur headband with my brown shirt outside then u looked wearing ur headband with a brown shirt outside…but i think im gonna have to disagree cuz u look pretty hot haha well u know im gonna have to get every single one of ur pics and then hopefully my pics turn out as good as urs..i know our friends ones will be awesome though..haha love ya …shammy

  8. Amber,

    Amazing pictures you look beautiful. Good job on being the personal assistant Darla. I want all the pictures by the way.


  9. amber lee!

    look at you! crazy how time flies…it just feels like it was yesterday when i was baby-sitting you guys, now you’re all off getting your senior pictures done (and, might i add by the COOLEST photogs around!)!

    good luck, gorgeous!

    your old babysitter jennifer

  10. umm ok. kocher got a little excited with the comment thing…no big deal. probly gonna have to walk around with a paper bag over my head when you are around because these are so pretty! i love them. and that vest that you just wore on monday to school w/ the bungee cords and the killer zipper…good choice!! P.S. if you have any left over do you think i could get one? PLEASE! thanks! 🙂

  11. oh yeah. i wish i knew who otis and james were before i signed up for ole terri rider. gee whiz they’re good.

  12. Amber;

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Our favorite one is the last one. You look just like a model.


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