The Family Johnson!

Guess what, Yo.
Family Johnson came on down to the FunCenter.
They came down not for good times, and companionship which can often be found here (especially if you stop by the front office and ask for our intrepid Front Office Man (FOM), Ben), nonono, they came down for some goodtimey happytime familytime pics!


Now, my faithful of the blog, do you think that they got up on some of the goodtimey happytime familytime pics? Hmmmmmmm? Alright, let’s all say it together, they came down for some goodtimey happytime familytime pics, and get some goodtimey happytime familytime pics is exactly what they did do did do did did do did!

MuchLove to the Family Johnson for giving us some of the sweet and prescious time, and to all of you out there just a-sitting and a-waiting for another blog post – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. hi! i don’t know you at all.. but i just wanted to tell you that i love the colors of these pictures…. it looks so good! you have a beautiful family!God bless!


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