I tell you what. Well, first of all, that was officially the worst opening sentence to a blog post ever. Apparently, I am auditioning for an opening slot for Jeff Foxworthy (and listen up, Foxworthy fans, I don’t need you sending me all sorts of messages about ‘how dare I pick on poor ol’ Jeff’, because, I don’t need to hear it…I respect your position on how he’s the cat’s pajamas and all that, but that doesn’t mean that I need to agree with it. You may want to call me an ‘uptight no fun elitist Northerner that probably reads the New York Times and all those other MSM rags that are polluting our minds with their stupid words’, and that’s fine with me, because I’m just here to tell you about some supersweetseniorsnaps that we had the great pleasure of taking this past week, or at some point in the recent past, and we don’t gots the time to go off about stuff like that, because we need to get to the matter at hand, which is Lacie!), and I now think that I can start off a post like that. But I can’t. So let me start again.

Attention people of blog! The Otis & James Center for the Placement of Napkins at the Dinner Table (O&JCFTPONATDT) welcomed the one and only, the ever-lovely Lacie to the FunCenter this past week, and it was a sweetlyrocking time of insane proportions! Man, oh man, we had a wonderful time working with this totally awesome young lady person, and there should be a couple of words now that pay thanks to Lacie for stopping by and allowing us to get some sweetsnaps of her, and now there should be a couple of words that I tell the people of the blog to stay true to themselves, and to – Enjoy!

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  1. Lacie-
    These are soo cute… I bet you had a lot of fun. My favorite one is the one with the coat.. the first one. I better get a few of these.

  2. Lacie, I can’t believe you are graduating from high school. I remember when you were just a cute little terd with your pony on top of your head singin Billy Ray Cirus “Achy Breaky Heart” ha,ha (remember me telling you about that?)it was so cute. I love ya Lace! And you look gorgeous in your pics. I love the black and white one with the jacket and the dressy one – you look so grown up. I will be waiting for a big one. Love ya again. Your fav cuz, ALY


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