The Family Dockter!

There are some general rules of thumb (and really, what does that mean?) when it comes to producing superawesomefamilysnaps.

  1. Smile.  Unless you like serious.  Then don’t smile.
  2. Be serious.  Unless you like smiles.  Then don’t be serious
  3. Jumping Pictures:  Good for the kidz, not so much for the whole family.
  4. The family that color coordinates together, is the family that stays together.

If you follow these rules, like The Family Dockter did, than your picto-graphs will look as totally and completely awesome as theirs! We had a wonderful time working with this lovely family, and we would like to extend thanks, many thanks to them for making a little bit o’ time for the FunCenter, and to all y’all just waiting to leave these words behind and get to the snaps – Enjoy!

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