The Family Hanson!

There was a time that is in the past, and during this time we were visited by the Family Hanson! This time seems to be pretty recent, as judging from the supersamplesnaps that are only a few thousand words away (you can never have too many words, can you?) I would say that the youngest in this family seems to have gotten a little bit older! And it’s strange, because the older member of this family seem to have only gotten younger! Amazing! And for those of you wondering…the answer is yes! That was a total and completely over-the-top sucking up going on right there! Hooray!

But really now, we loved working with this family, as they are good ol’ friends to the Otis & James Empire (traded on NASDAQ as O&JE), and every time that we are graced with their presence, it is a joyous occasion! We would like to thank them for stopping on down to the FunCenter, and to all of you that sit in front of your com-pu-tah’s just waiting for another post to go up, wait no longer…and – Enjoy!

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  1. Your pics are so adorable!! I always look at this website cause I love them…they do an awesome job. I miss you guys and will be home at Xmas for 10 days and want to see ya! I will be going to visit the daycare for sure!! Well just wanted to let you know your pics are nice and have a good christmas!
    Love Alyssa K


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