Brenna & Eric!

The ever-lovely and totally charming Brenna & Eric stopped down to the FunCenter, in a time which we shall call ‘not so long ago, but yet not so recent that I can really recall’, for some crazysweet E.Pics, and this is the story.

You see, it was one of those shoots which was shot (ugh…could that sentence start off any worse?) by yours truly, the one and only, the master of disaster, the king of pain, the sultan of shoreview, the man of minot, the clown of Cleveland (actually, have never lived in Cleveland, but was bestowed the title after saving the town from impending distruction from an asteroid after the OTIS5000 Satellite discovered not an asteroid, but instead a 1978 Ford Thunderbird travelling through time and space with one mission and one mission only…to destroy Cleveland…but, I told them about it, and…well…you all know the rest of that story) Otis!

Most days, Otis is kept away from clients, only being let out from time to time for good behaviour. But today was different, and the ever lovely and always charming Brenna & Eric had the good fortune to have the Otis (and, I shall from this point on refer to myself as ‘The Otis’) be the one behind the camera.

Him, and his talented assistant Kinzo tore on into the shoot, and after a period in which the ever lovely and always charming Brenna & Eric may have thought that Otis was mere seconds away from losing his mind, they had a splendid time taking many picto-graphs in the FunCenter for Fun, and on this day, beautiful E.Pics!


I would like to thank them for not running away in fear from my insanity, and to all of my peeps of blog that may or may not be sitting in front of a Chirstmas tree named Clifford – Enjoy!

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