The Man of the Hour – Cody.

Earlier this week at the Otis & James Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too (O&JCFCWCRGAWLTDOSGT), a young man and his entourage of personal assistants, managers, secretaries, limo drivers, stylists, and back-scratchers entered in full force ready to get down to business. Now, when I say “business”, I’m not speaking of the flavor of business worn on some heads (think “Business in the Front, Party in the Back”) nor the business often associated with Armani suits, the stock market, or Wall Street (we like to keep our business on Main Street). This business is strictly for those of rockstar status, and since our new friend, Cody, put the ‘rock’ in ‘rockstar’ (circa 1989) – then business on this particular day was GOOD.

After a few brief interruptions from some sort of a night talk show host (Letterman, I believe he said his name was?) and scheduling a few cover shoots for TIME and the Rolling Stone, Cody was ready for some hardcore snappage. Wait – to not capitalize that does not do the deed justice. SNAPPAGE.

Once all said rocking out had occured, Cody packed up his belongings, and trailed by his entourage of cellphone answerers and publicists alike, hopped into his limo and strode off the the Minot International Airport (MIA – ironically the same acronym for ‘Missing In Action’) where his superjet was parked, waiting to take rockstar Cody to his next destination. Cody is, as stated in the November 2006 issue of Newsweek, “Cody. So hot right now. Cody.”

A giant pat on the back to this man for turning “Senior Snap Time” into “Awesome Time”. Without further hesit — oh, just – Enjoy!

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